2023 GSI Webinar Wednesday

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Links will be posted 1 day prior to webinar


Date GSI No. Title and Link
January 4 W-37 Introduction to Geosynthetics
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/pi89lvfi9z4y/
January 11 W-38 Geosynthetics used in Filtration 
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/pc0wo3z9pckc/
January 18 W-39 Geosynthetics used in Drainage Systems
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/p3mhb90netby/
January 25 W-40 Geosynthetics used in Separation
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/pkx8xojfkg0b/
February 1 W-41 Geosynthetics used in Barriers
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/p8n2mx0m4rk4/
February 8 W-42 Geosynthetics used in Reinforcement
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/plas7fura4f6/
February 15 W-43 Geosynthetics used in Stress Relief
    Link: https://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/p3w63y7k78xh/
February 22 W-44 Geosynthetics used in Protection
    Link: https://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/p0gkvwy8gnb9/
March 1 W-45 Geosynthetics used in Stabilization
    Link: https://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/pe9oq0a0a68z/
March 8 W-46 Geosynthetics used in Erosion Control
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/pmeak68aabqc/
March 15 W-47 Ancillary, Connection and Transition Geosynthetics
    Link: http://geosynthetic.adobeconnect.com/p0fj5pvgvbzk/