Fellowships for Graduate Students



Summer 2008 by action of its Officers and the GSI Board of Directors



$5,000 per year to studentís academic institution

This merit-based award is issued to the studentís academic Institution for research and related expenses incurred by the student.



Up to twenty (20) new students per year Ė worldwide solicitation






         Recipients must be pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in an accredited college or university.

         Recipient must be recommended by their advisor or department head.

         Recipient must present a research topic which furthers the mission and goals of the Geosynthetic Institute and the related geosynthetic industry.


Proposal Requirements:


         Letter of recommendations from studentís department head or advisor

         Title and detailed abstract

         Studentís resume

         Relevancy of topic to the geosynthetic industry


Proposal Due Date:


Monday, August 19, 2024

Proposals should be emailed to Jamie Koerner

Award Announcement Date:

October 2024

Fellowship Award Recipients


Class 16: 2023-2024 GSI Fellows
Class 15: 2022-2023 GSI Fellows
Class 14: 2021-2022 GSI Fellows

Class 13:

2020-2021 GSI Fellows

Class 12:

2019-2020 GSI Fellows

Class 11:

2018-2019 GSI Fellows

Class 10:

2017-2018 GSI Fellows

Class 9:

2016-2017 GSI Fellows

Class 8:

2015-2016 GSI Fellows

Class 7:

2014-2015 GSI Fellows

Class 6:

2013-2014 GSI Fellows

Class 5:

2012-2013 GSI Fellows

Class 4:

2011-2012 GSI Fellows

Class 3:

2010-2011 GSI Fellows

Class 2:

2009-2010 GSI Fellows

Class 1:

2008-2009 GSI Fellows


For further information contact Jamie Koerner