Program Requirements



  1. Candidate must be recommended by a Professional Engineer who knows, and can attest to, at least six months of acceptable experience performing CQA activities with geosynthetic and/or compacted clay liner materials.
  2. The candidate must submit a completed application and be approved by the Geosynthetic Certification Institute to take the geosynthetic materials and/or compacted clay liner materials exam.
  3. The candidate or his/her firm must pay a one-time fee which covers a 5-year period upon completion of the above items.  If the candidate desires to be certified in both geosynthetic materials and compacted clay liners the combined fee is $500 for 5-years of certification. If the candidate prefers to take only the geosynthetic materials exam or the compacted clay liner exam, then the fee is $400.
  4. The candidate must successfully pass a written examination (70% is the passing grade) proctored by GCI or GCI designated organization and graded by the Geosynthetic Certification Institute to become a certified inspector.