Geosynthetic Institute


GSI/GRI White Papers


#1 - Need for Monitoring Wells?
#2 - Soil-Only Landfill Covers?
#3 - Flexibility in Destructive Seam Sampling
#4 - Reduction Factors in GS Design
#5 - Separation of GCL Panels
#6 - Geomembrane Lifetime Prediction
#7 - Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
#8 - Field Inspectors (CQA) Certification Program
#9 - On the Topic of Geomembrane Warranties
#10 - The Various Roles for Using MARV
#11 - Various Shear Strength Interpretations
#12 - Benefit/Cost Ratio for GS Selection
#13 - Allowable Leachate Head in Landfill Sumps
#14 - Modified RFCR Factor for Puncture Design

#15 - Allowable S.I. Leakage Rates

#16 - Conformance Testing Requirements

#17 - Post Closure Care of MSW Landfills

#18 - UMT and LLRW Disposal Sites in USA

#19 - Monitoring Movements of MSE Structures
#20 - GS Opportunities with Shale Gas Extraction
#21 - State Regulatory Departments Involved in Shale Gas Permitting

#22 - Selected GS Opportunities with Energy Production and Transmission

#23 - Environmental Agency Perspectives on Landfill Berms
#24 - Reduction Factor for Holes in GS Reinforcement

#25 - The Separation-in-Plane (SIP) Mode of Failure When Testing GM Seams

#26 - Need for Justification of Quality Management Systems for Successful GS Performance
#27 - The Intimate Contact Issue of Field Placed GM with respect to Wave (or Wrinkle) Management
#28 - Cold Temperature and Freeze-Thaw Cycling Behavior of GMs and Their Seams
#29 - Creep Tension Testing of Geosynthetics
#30 In-Situ Repairs of Geomembrane Bubbles, Whales and Hippos
#31 On the Need for a Better Test Method Than Dry or Wet Sieving to Obtain the Characteristic Opening Size for Geotextile Filter Design Purposes

#32 Rationale and Background for the GRI-GM13 Specification for HDPE Geomembranes

#33 Underdrain Design for Geomembrane Lined Surface Impoundments to Avoid Whales/Hippos from Occurring

#34 Status of the Electrical Leak Location Survey (ELLS) Method Among State Environmental Protection Agencies in the USA

#35 A Primer on Soil and Geotextile Filter Design as Applies to MSE Walls

#36 Sample and/or Specimen Preparation for Testing Multilayer Geomembranes
#37 Current Status (2018) of U.S. State Environmental Agencies Regarding Selected Landfill Liner and Cover Regulations
#38 Elimination or Minimization of Soil Erosion Using Geosynthetics

#39 Current Status (2018) of U.S. State Department of Transportation Agencies Regarding Use of Geosynthetic Materials

#40 Status of Pavement Design Methods Used by U. S. DOTs and Inclusion of Geosynthetic Therein

#41 Relative Sustainability (i.e., Embodied Carbon) Calculations With Respect to Applications Using Traditional Materials Versus Geosynthetics

#42 Update on the Regulatory Status of Post-Closure Care of MSW Landfills in the United States

#43 GMAs Techline and Its 7th Set of Five-Hundred Q & As

#44 Relative Sustainability of Road Construction/Repair: Conventional Materials versus Geosynthetic Materials

#45 Chemical versus Geosynthetic Stabilization used in Roadways