Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute






Attn: Ashutosh Dixit


List of Accredited Test Methods:

         ASTM D751 - Thickness

         ASTM D1204 - Dimensional Change

         ASTM D1603 - CB Content (Tube)

         ASTM D1777 - Textile Thickness

         ASTM D3776 - Mass per Unit Area

         ASTM D4218 - CB Content (Muffle)

         ASTM D4533 - Trapezoidal Tear

         ASTM D4833 - Index Puncture

         ASTM D5199 - Thickness

         ASTM D5261 - GT Mass/Unit Area

         ASTM D5884 - R-GM Tear

         ASTM D6636 - Ply Adhesion of RGM

         ASTM D7003 - R-GM Strip Tensile

         ASTM D7004 - R-GM Grab Tensile